Our video training can develop your team into world-class performancers and managers by training them on best practices of Management Science developed over the last century. We incorporate the ideas and concepts of all teh top gurus in Management, Leadership and Organizational Development (OD). 

The AirTight Management Video Training Library (VTL)

We have a library of video training courses to allow companies and individual managers to learn our AirTight Six Systems and all the management and leadership best practices embedded in them at their own pace and very cost effectively. This is a foundation of knowledge and information that starts a cultural change to high-performance management. 

You can use video training anywhere you have an Internet connection. Our video player supports full HD (720 or 1080) and lower resolutions for any Smartphone or tablet, (Windows, Android or Apple). Video training segments average ten minutes each and entire courses are generally 1-3 hours of video plus handout materials and optional testing for certificates of achievment. These courses can be taken all at once or spread out over weeks.

Online Video training has the following advantages over in-person lectures and seminars, but is not meant to fully replace these:

  1. Lower cost
  2. Eliminate travel of employees and/or trainers
  3. Consistent delivery quality by the most knowledgeable trainers
  4. Replay as often as you like and refresh an employee's memory when they need it
  5. Online validation and tracking of individual usage
  6. Ability to test and certify employees, managers and executives in each appropriate area to lead projects or just use the System(s)
  7. Provide a value added benefit for employees to grow, be challenged and improve their skills, on their own time and/or on company time
  8. Constant 24-7-365 availability
  9. Only a browser is needed, no special hardware or software, so you can start immediately and do at home or even on the ride to work

Video training is automatically included with all our coaching, training and consulting engagements as one part of those programs. We can help you with design and implementation (where the magic happens) remotely or on-site, or you can go it alone using just our training (not recommended except for very experienced executives). 

Our VTL is available by subscription or you can purchase audio training CDs with manuals. 
Call (508) 381-8013 for details.

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